A New Sister Makes A Big Brother

A couple of weeks ago, I met week-old Lucia for her newborn session and returned over the weekend to take some family photos. That meant I got to see Lucia's proud big brother Luigi dote on his sister. Luigi is a super high energy guy, and he made it very clear to me that he loves his sister. He was eager to snuggle up beside her and as gentle as a four-year-old can be when he kissed her. I never tire of seeing the interaction between siblings, and this session did not disappoint. Luigi and I spent a few minutes playing outside as well, and pretty much all this kid wanted to do was laugh. I'm a fan of little ones who think I'm hilarious, so that worked out well. I think photos are so valuable, as they provide a tangible reminder of what a family looks like loving one another. I recognize that having a newborn is busy and demanding, and coupling that with a busy preschooler means life is very full for parents who might be low on sleep and high on tasks. That said, I look at these photos and see love and joy and what is beautiful about this family. I hope you see that too. I consider it a privilege every time a family lets me catch a glimpse of who they are together. I look forward to seeing how Miss Lucia grows and changes in the coming months and how Luigi continues to own his role as big brother. The future is bright for this family.