A Hand to Hold

I started conversing with this family about photos last spring, but we never got our schedules to match up. I was excited to finally meet Miss Claire this fall, and she ran and giggled her way through this session, provided she had a hand to hold. I love the way littles draw confidence and comfort from contact with their parents. Claire may not have been too sure about the whole photography gig, but she was just so cute in her unsureness. It's was so fun to send out this gallery, because we got so many wonderful expressions from a hesitant (and at times determinedly so) little girl. Seeing her personality emerge as the session went is one of the things that I love about this work. I really want to see who a child and her family is, not just what they look like, and as she became more comfortable I was able to capture just that. I cannot wait to see how she grows and changes in the coming year.