Big D, Little D

When life and light intersect, therein lies the making of a great photo session. Four beautiful souls woven together to make family were my subjects for this shoot, hangry-just-woke-up-from-nap start and all. It's not that all of life looks perfect and that every day the sun gives light to reflect that; it's that our eyes can find what is good and true about the love of any given family if we train them to look for it. That is my life's work and my passion. I'm now offering sessions in both Dallas and Denton, as my husband's grad school endeavors made a season in Denton key if I want to see his handsome face in time for dinner. As fall approaches I want to ask you, dear readers, to help spread the word that I'm available in both locations as well as throughout the Metroplex. I've found a few great spots in my new little neck of the woods and can't wait to photograph that same intersection of life and light a bit farther north on 35 than most of my Dallas-area work to date.


Superheroes Among Us

My brother Josh graduated from high school in May, and in the tradition of the shoemaker's children, we did a few senior photos at the last minute. At the end of the session we took this series, and they continue to make me smile. Josh is one of those great kids who can both make you laugh and speak with respect. He loves baseball and our siblings' kids. He works hard. He is considerate. I still picture a curly-headed tot when I think about Josh. I can't imagine that he's entered the stage of life where it's time to start college and chase dreams and find his feet as an adult. But I know it's true. With his kindness and steady pace, I am sure he will go far in life. I'm glad I get to be a part of the journey. If you have a superhero graduating from high school in 2016, I'd love to get a session on the books. It is so fun to capture a bit of personality while documenting the excitement of a season of beginnings and endings.


Rylee's Senior Portraits

Rylee plans to attend Tech in the fall, but not before she attends not one but four proms and graduates. This girl exudes confidence and style, and she was both gracious and fun to work with on creating a fun and unique senior session. We used North Oak Cliff as a backdrop, and while we hoped for a bit of golden hour sunset light, the overcast day was perfect for some moodier photos. They suited Rylee's style, so I'm glad that's how the day went. I am sure she'll do well no matter where she goes or what she pursues, and I'm excited to see how life takes shape for her.


Macy's Senior Portraits

I've known Macy since she was a baby, so that added significance to getting to do her senior portraits. We opted for a Cowtown session, and Sundance Square feels downright European these days. If there's something I'd say of Macy it's that she's retained a childlike awe and wonder at the world while becoming a confident young woman. That is a stunning combination. She has big dreams and bold confidence. She is ready to launch, and her parents are the kind of people who have done the hard work of learning how to let go so that they can see their children thrive. I see in Macy a woman of faith and character, of courage and humility. I know those traits will serve her well as she steps out into the world. She knows she is a child of God; she knows she is loved. It makes me so happy to know that Macy is already on the grand adventure of discovering how her identity fits in to making the world a better place. I hope these photographs communicate some of the light and life Macy brings when she walks into a room. It's compelling and beautiful to see.


Mae's Baptism

This sweet baby girl is family by choice, and being a part of the community that celebrated her life and committed to see her grow spiritually meant getting to take some photographs of Mae's baptism. My sister and her boyfriend are her godparents, and we love and hope and anticipate seeing her become exactly who she was made to be. She is wanted and loved, and we believe God destined this tiny girl to be a world changer. Expanding her family to four was just the beginning of making the world a better place by being here. I truly believe that. So she has been baptized, and we prayed for her and laughed over stories and we toasted a baby girl and the way she brings beauty. It's the good stuff of life.


Cape Cod 2013

My sister Meghan dubbed our holiday Girls Vacapetion 2013. We spent eleven glorious days on Cape Cod, with variety of friends and relatives joining various parts of the trip. Our amazing aunt and uncle allowed us to use their home. We slept with the windows open, ate fresh seafood, lounged on the beach and laughed endlessly. I ran every day and finished six books. It was the most relaxing vacation I've ever been on. I am so grateful for each and every element of this trip, from the people to the places to the weather that was never hotter than 78 degrees. While I am working on some writing for a new blog that will better tell the story of this holiday, I wanted to share a few photographs here as well. Cape Cod has become something of a sacred space to me, and I hope you can see why here.



A windy afternoon with five ladies who journey through life together. Their friendships are beautiful to witness, and I love that they booked a photo shoot to celebrate the gifts they've been given in each other.


Introducing Betsy Claire

My first niece, beloved from the start. I don't know what to say about these images except that I'm so thankful that I got to take these photographs. Betsy decided to come 4.5 weeks early, and though her mama and daddy felt a bit unprepared, they're doing an incredible job. Our whole family is utterly enchanted.

Introducing Ellie Cate!

Her mama and daddy and I got to know each other over the course of their engagement and wedding, so I was thrilled to meet little Miss Ellie at six-days-old. She captivated me with her laid back demeanor, just taking everything in. I love watching a couple expand into a family, and it was a joy to be a part of celebrating this tiny girl. And I'll get to see her in a couple of months at her fabulous auntie's wedding. Can't wait.