Here's Harper! {Delaware Baby Photographer}

When I went to visit my newborn niece in Delaware, I had the privilege of meeting a couple of her baby buddies whose daddies serve alongside my brother in the Air Force. Harper turned 7-months-old on the day I met her, and she showed off her brand new sitting and clapping skills all while sizing me up. Harper is one of those babies who makes you work for a smile, but her disposition is sunny, inquisitive and sweet, and I loved that at the end of the session she reached for me when I asked if I could hold her for a minute. Because let's just be honest here: a huge part of what I enjoy about my job is getting to love on sweet babies. For this set, we explored the house and picked fun favorites from her wardrobe and wished her daddy was home for some family photos. In the end we got a great collection of photographs, and now I can't wait to watch this tiny girl grow.