Russell With the Good Hair and a Podcast

A few months ago I stumbled upon a running podcast, and in listening learned that Lindsey, the host, was also a running coach. I reached out for coaching for the Houston Marathon, which I ran in January. We started exchanging emails, and I got to do Lindsey's family photos when I was in Indianapolis in December. Her wee guy, Russell, aka Russell-with-the-good-hair, was three-weeks-old, and her older guys were proud to show him off. We talked running and family and laughed a lot. This is a family focused on living fully and well and enjoying each other's company. I loved seeing how Lindsey and Glenn partner to parent their boys. You cannot be with this crew without feeling a whole lot of warmth and affection mixed with a big dose of humor and not-taking-anyone-too-seriously. I'd have liked to hung around to have another coffee and play with the boys.

Towards the end of the session, Lindsey turned to me and said, "you should be a guest on the podcast some time." That some time was Friday, so I thought it was a fitting time to share photos from their sweet session today. So much love and life to see in this collection.