On Dinosaur T-Shirts

The third time I met Aedan's family for photos (the first time he was two; now he is four... how does that happen?), his mom turned to me and said, "I let him pick his t-shirt. I didn't fight him." In so doing Christie gave her son a sense of ownership of how our day went. I'm realizing that any way a parent can allow their child to participate in making choices leading up to and during a photo session seems to enhance the quality of photos. 

I love that Aedan wore his dinosaur shirt. I love that his grandma came along for family photos. I love that we created memories for this session in their neighborhood. And I love that these photos reflect that Aedan is at the age where "don't look at the camera" produces an innocent straightforward portrait and "don't laugh" produces belly laughs every time.