Photography matters. The photos we hang on our walls and select for an album remind us to see the narrative of our most significant relationships over time, through the years.

When we meet for your session I am thinking about the big picture yet focusing on subtle nuances that will- as time moves on- invoke a wealth of memories of who you were in a fleeting moment. A session is about life happening. It's about showing up, giving pause to reality and wonder and goodness. It's about belly laughs and bear hugs. It's about love. Sometimes it's about tears.  It's about the beauty that is uniquely yours and allowing me to bear witness to it through photographs. It's about enabling you to see that beauty through new eyes.

I am a Connecticut and Dallas-Fort Worth-based, natural light photographer with an emphasis on real life and genuine moments. I can think of no better way to spend my going-to-work hours than creating tangible evidence of the good stuff. I'd love it if you follow me on Instagram.

I currently live in West Hartford with my husband Ty and our menagerie. We can be found running lots of miles and eating copious amounts of sushi.

I also work as the photographer at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, where I get to interact with little superheroes on a daily basis. 

Session availability is limited to a few each month, primarily in Connecticut and the DFW area, but I also occasionally work throughout New England and in Kentucky. I'd love to hear from you!